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Read the rules for subletting below

Rules for subletting

Subleasing is permitted in case of:

  • Study tour abroad when your stay is part of your education
    Documentation: Papers of admission from the place of education abroad together with a certificate from your instructor verifying the stay. If you are abroad in a project scheme in a company it must be stated that your stay is in connection with a project to be concluded here in Denmark
  • Trainee service, when this is part of your education:
    Documentation: Documentation from place of stay together with a statement from your instructor verifying that the stay is part of your education
  • Military service
    Documentation: Papers of enrollment
  • Illness (own)
    Documentation: Satisfactory statement from you and your doctor which following questions must be answered:
    • The nature of the illness?
    • When did the doctor record your illness?
    • Why are you unable to attend your education?
    • When are you expected to get well again?
  • Illness of close relative
    Documentation: Satisfactory statement from you and the doctor of your family-member in which following questions must be answered:
    • The nature of the illness?
    • When did the doctor record the illness?
    • When do you expect to return to your studies again?

Couples or single parents cannot accept an offer of subleasing with only 1 room. There are no claims for the number of persons when subleasing an accommodation with 2 or more rooms. When taking up tenancy in a student accommodation you must be in a process of study. This has to be verified to Studiebolig Aalborg:

  • Documentation: a written confirmation no older than three months from your place of education verifying that you are actually studying at the moment or SU-papers (Statens Uddannelses-støtte). If you are on leave you are not considered a student and therefore unable to accept a subleasing.

Furthermore it is demanded that the tenant and subtenant make up a tenancy-agreement themselves for the period of subleasing. The document is available in every bookstore.
Under the headline “særlige vilkår” (special terms) it must be stated that the subleasing is for a limited period only and that the tenancy ends at a certain date –stated at the application of subleasing as no. 4. It must be noted that Studiebolig Aalborg does not approve a subleasing at a higher rent than the one the original tenant is bound to pay. In case the accommodation is subleased furnished it is allowed to raise the monthly rent with up to DKR. 200.- per month.

Application form of subleasing, documentation from tenant and subtenant must be delivered together with the signed agreement at Studiebolig Aalborg where it will be evaluated, and a letter of acceptance will be forwarded to the tenancy-holder as well as information to the administrators of the student-hall.

In case you switch or sublease your accommodation without permission from Studiebolig Aalborg this will be considered a breach of contract, and your tenancy will be terminated. In case of doubt do not hesitate to contact Studiebolig Aalborg.