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Do your wish to sublet your accommodation?

Subletting: This is how to do it!

If you wish to sublet your accommodation, it is important that you

1) First of all read the rules carefully. The rules can be found pressing the button below.

2) We may be helpful in finding your subtenant. If you wish that, you must fill out the form "Sublet your accommodation" below. 

3) When you have found your subtenant, you can scroll down to the next section on this page. 

Have you found your subtenant?

When you have found your subtenant, and the rules regarding subletting have been read, please make sure to fill out an return following:

  1. The sublet applicationform, which you can download using the link below
  2. A rentalcontract filled out will all needed information and with you as the landlord and the subtenant as the tenant (Please notice! The link below leads to, where you can find and download a free rentalcontract template. (You are also welcome to search for and use a rental contract from another website, if you wish to)