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Do you have a private room or apartment, you wish to rent out?


Do you have an accommodation for rental? We can help you with advertising!


Please read the section "Advertisement for the private..." below


Fil out the form in the bottom, and press "submit". We will then register and publish the add on our page afterwards.


When the add is published, we will convey the contact between interested applicants and you as the landlord.


Remember to inform us, when your accommodation has been rented out!

Advertisement for the private rooms/apartments

If you have a room or an apartment, you wish to rent out, we are happy to help with advertising. 

Our customers are young people following an education in Aalborg, so the demand is low-budget rentals within Aalborg Municipality. 

You can fill out the form below, which is free. Be aware of the fact that the form is in Danish.

We will publish your add on our webside shortly afterwards, and will facilitate the contact from interested people.

PLEASE NOTICE: It is not legal to specify which gender in the add. Any text regarding this matter will systematically be removed!
We reserve the right to reject adds not suitable for our customers. 

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