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Application rules

According to legislation in force, young students and other young people with a special need for housing in Aalborg are entitled to have student residences and student housing allocated. Government-subsidised housing in accordance with legislation in force before January 1, 1978, is however reserved for young students.

1.1 Young students

1.1.1 The following education forms entitles you to apply for accommodation through Studiebolig Aalborg: 

Aprentice- and trainee education.

Training- and education programmes that entitle you to receive S.U. (State education grants) including:

  • Further and higher education
  • General and vocational upper secondary education (youth education)
  • Primary and lower secondary school level of education
  • Vocational education

Exchange students must apply for accommodation through Internationalt Accommodation Office by/AAU.

1.1.2 The following education forms does not entitle you to apply for accommodation through Studiebolig Aalborg:

  • Evening classes
  • Courses
  • Day folk high schools
  • Learn-Danish courses
  • Production school
  • TAMU-centre (adult vocational training)
  • Træningshøjskole (adult vocational training)
  • Ph.d.-programmes

1.1.3 Private education and training etc. / other approved education and training programmes:
Young people enrolled in education that does not meet the above criteria, can send an application to Studiebolig Aalborg and apply to be approved as entitled to have an accommodation allocated. In that regard it is important that:

  • The official lenght of the education/programme must be 1 year as a minimum. 
  • The applicant must as a minimum have 23 weekly lessons. 
  • The education or training programme must give the student professional competence. 

Contact if you are in doubt. 

1.2 Other young people with a special need for accommodation 

As regard to other young people with a special need, the question whether the person concerned can be considered entitled to have a accommodation allocated, depends on a specific assessment of his/her financial and social situation (This applies to young people who receive student grants, as well as for refugees).

The application for accommodation in such cases must be sent to the central welfare accommodation office of Aalborg Municipality, which are offered every 4th accommodation avilable.

These young people must therefore not apply for an accommodation through Studiebolig Aalborg. Accommodation must be applied for through the central welfare accommodation office of Aalborg Municipality.


2.1 When is it possible to apply
Young students can at the earliest apply for accommodation 12 months before study start. Though the date of application and the wished day of moving in can not exceed 12 months. It is possible to take over an accommodation up to 6 months before study start.

2.2 Single application / 2-personsapplication
It is only allowed to have one single application as well as one 2-personsapplication. So that means that it max 2 applications in total for the same applicant. 

2.3 Age
There are no lower age boundaries in order to apply for an accommodation, but if the applicant is under 18 years of age, the person, legally responsible for the applicant, must too sign the contract.

There are no official upper age boundary either, but according to legislation, youth accommodations must be offered to young people following an education.

2.4 Documentation for children
When applying for accommodation, children of the applicant also moving in, as well as right of access or shared custody. If the applicant or fellow-applicant is pregnant, that also means that a child must be registered on the application.

When making an application as parents (singleparent or couples), we will position you in the correct group on the waiting list when receiving the birth-certificate. If we do not receive any documentation, the application will be positioned on the waiting list as if no children where to move along.

In case of shared custordy or right of access, we must also receive documentation for that.

Documentation in case of pregnancy can be documentated by e.g. a pregnancy journal. 

2.5 What can be applied for
Rooms and 1-room accommodations can only be applied for by 1 person.
1½-room accommodation can only be applied for by 1 person, and in specifik situations by 1 person with a child or shared custody.
2-bedroom accommodation can be applied for by 1- or 2 persons with or without maximum 1 child.
2½-, 3- and 4-room accommodations can be applied for by everybody.

2.6 Changes in the application

It is always the applicants resposibility that Studiebolig Aalborg have all the correct pieces of information.
The applicant can always change the informations on the application by logging into

  • Address, temporary address, mailaddress, phonenumber
  • Adding og removing an fellow-applicant
  • Change wishes of accommodations
  • Change of the expected day of study start
  • Change of the wished day of moving in

2.7 Circumvention
If Studiebolig Aalborg evaluates that false information has been given according to applying for an accommodation, the application will be annulled.

All new applicants receive an applicationnumber, username as well as a self-chosen password after registration.

From January 1st, 2022, new applicants are positioned in the following groups: 

Group 1:

  • Tenants who wish to switch accommodation within the same property. 
  • Tenants who have livet in the same study accommodation for 1 year, and who wish to get another study accommodation
  • It is a condition for group 1, that a study accommodation will be available. 

Group 3:

  • Single provider who has or expects a child/children 
  • Couples who has, or expecting a child/children
  • Applicants places in group 3 gives advantage to 2½- 3- and 4-bedroom accommodations

Group C:

  • Single applicant and couples/friends applying together 

In order to be offered a youth accommodation, the applicant must have an active application. Therefore 1 time a year, the applicant must reapplicate. Reapplication is proceed by logging in at the application on and a button for reapplication will appear. If reapplication is not proceed in time, the application will be removed from the waiting list.

It is the applicants own responsibility to make sure to reapplicate in time and to be aware of the time a year, where it is demanded in order to maintain the application.

Further info can be read under point no. 5 below here in regards to removal of applicants on the waiting list due to rejection of accommodation offers.

When starting the renting-process, the system always first search for applicants in group 1. When allocating applicants in group 1 and 3 are always measured by the following: 

  • Group implacement
  • The number of children
  • The number of adults
  • Date of registration
  • Applicationnumber
    (Couples/singleproviders with children always are prioritized before couples and single applicants in group 1)

If there are not any legitimate applicants in group 1, the system continues to group C, where the applicants will be measured by following: 

  • Date of registration
  • Applicationnumber

An applicant can only have 1 active offer for accommodation at a time. 

5.1 Responding YES to an offer for accommodation
An acceptance for accommodation offer must happen by logging into and respond the offer within 11 PM at the deadlinedate at the latest. 

5.2 Responding NO to an offer for accommodation
An applicant can reject offers for accommodation, without any consequenses for the application and position on the waiting list. However if an applicant does not response 4 offers for accommodation, the application will be removed from the waiting list.

People, listed on the rental contract, are considered registered tenants from the moment, where the takeover/moving in, takes place. The listed tenants must move into the accommodation and contact the folk register at Aalborg Municipality to be registered on the address.

A person moving in with a registered tenant, will not be able to be registered before after 2 years of registration on the exact address. If tenants are in doubt in any way, they can contact the housing association and get a status.

When moving out/terminating the accommodation, the registered tenant looses tenancy-status.

Subtenants do not get tenancy-status.

6.1 Study documentation 
Tenants must documentate for Studiebolig Aalborg, that they are study active or expects to be start an education within 6 months. Valid study documentation must be sent to our office as soon as possible. 
If we do not get the needed documentation in time, we are obligated to terminate the rental contract.
Studiebolig Aalborg accepts documentation types such as: 

  • The enrollment document from your study place
  • A written confirmation from the study place
  • SU-document

Important for the abovementioned is that it must not be more than 3 months old. Studycards are not accepted.  

6.2 Tenants living in an Studiebolig Aalborg accommodation for more than 1 year
Tenants, living in the same accommodation (through Studiebolig Aalborg) for 1 year or more, has an advantage if they wish to move to another accommodation through Studiebolig Aalborg. If moving to a new place, the senority will start all over.

Tenants wishing to switch accommodations at the same type within the same property, must contact us with a termination each, and then we will make sure to make new contracts afterwards.

6.3 Switch of accommodations
If a tenant wish to switch accommodation with another tenant following an education e.g. in another city, a written application must be sent to Studiebolig Aalborg. 
The conditions of the rent act must be fulfilled.
When switching accommodations, a new contract must be made, new deposit/"indskud" must be paid and the accommodations must be inspected according to normal procedure.
When switching accommodations it is not required that the new tenant is an active applicant on Studiebolig Aalborgs waiting list.

6.4 This must be informed to Studiebolig Aalborg
Changes in your studies must be informed to Studiebolig Aalborg.
The changes can be regarding:

  • Work placement
  • Study abroad
  • Subletting
  • Accommodation switching
  • Sabbatical leave
  • Changes in study programme
  • Study delays
  • End of studies

6.5 Subletting
A tenant who wish to sublet must at least 14 days prior to the start of the wished subletperiod, contact Studiebolig Aalborg. A sublet period must last at least 3 months and maximum 1 year. An acceptance of the sublet case can not prolong a sublet tenant's tenancy.  
The sublet tenant must find their own subtenant.

6.5.1 Demands for the sublet tenant
Subleasing is permitted in case of:

  • Study tour abroad when your stay is part of your education
    Documentation: Papers of admission from the place of education abroad together with a certificate from your instructor verifying the stay. If you are abroad in a project scheme in a company it must be stated that your stay is in connection with a project to be concluded here in Denmark
  • Trainee service, when this is part of your education:
    Documentation: Documentation from place of stay together with a statement from your instructor verifying that the stay is part of your education
  • Military service
    Documentation: Papers of enrollment
  • Illness (own)
    Documentation: Satisfactory statement from you and your doctor which following questions must be answered:
    • The nature of the illness?
    • When did the doctor record your illness?
    • Why are you unable to attend your education?
    • When are you expected to get well again?
  • Illness of close relative
    Documentation: Satisfactory statement from you and the doctor of your family-member in which following questions must be answered:
    • The nature of the illness?
    • When did the doctor record the illness?
    • When do you expect to return to your studies again?

6.5.2 Demands for the subtenant
The subtenant must be an active student/following an education, and must documentate this to Studiebolig Aalborg in the form of enrolment documents, confirmation from the study place or SU-documents. Valid documentation is not older than 3 months. If the subtenant is on a sabbatical leave, the subtenant will not be considered active and the sublet case can not be approved. 

Couples or single providers can not be approved as subtenants for a room or 1-bedroom accommodations. 
Please notice: A single provider can be approved as subtenant to a 1½-bedroom accommodations.

6.5.3 The rental contract of the subletting
It is a demand that the tenant and subtenant make up a tenancy-agreement themselves for the period of subleasing.
Documentation from the sublet tenant as well as the subtenant together with the tenancy-agreement must be delivered to Studiebolig Aalborg, who then will evaluate whether the sublet case can be approved. 

6.6 Evasion of the rules
In case you switch or sublease your accommodation without permission from Studiebolig Aalborg this will be considered a breach of contract, and your tenancy will be terminated. In case of doubt do not hesitate to contact Studiebolig Aalborg.

6.7 Studycheck
According to current legislation, Studiebolig Aalborg is required to, at least once per year, check the tenants study activity and assess whether there be reason for termination. Therefore, tenants are requested to fill in a statement about their study- and educational activity, which is to be returned to Studiebolig Aalborg within a further specified time frame. If this does not happen the tenancy will be terminated.

For couples, only one party needs to be enrolled in an educational programme and the Housing Guarantee applies for this person. If both tenants are enrolled in educational programmes, the Housing Guarantee applies for the person, who finishes their studies last and it is only this tenant, who has to submit a statement about their study- and educational activity.
(The above-mentioned is relevant for couples, where both parties have signed the lease contract. If only one party has signed the lease contract, then it HAS TO BE the one who is enrolled in an educational programme in order for both parties to occupy the apartment).

6.8 Tenancy 
Tenants can keep their accommodations up to 6 months after ending their education/studies. The tenant must make sure to terminate the accommodation according to the punctual term of notice.  

7. Change in the application rules
The board prompts regularly changes in the application rules, in order to make sure that the criterias always are in tune with the law in force. 

8. Entry into force
These rules and criterias for allocating youth accommodations are enacted at the meeting helt for the committee of representatives on February 13, 2023.