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FAQ for applicants

How do I apply for an accommodation?
You make your application here: Unik Web Venteliste (studieboligaalborg.dk) (FREE!). When your applications is made, you must add the wished accommodations to your wish list: 

1) Click on the wished property

2) Click on the wished accommodation type

3) Click on the yellow button "Tilføj boligønske" - and the accommodation is added as a wish on your application.

Please notice! You can add as many wishes for accommodation as you please. The more, the better!


How soon can I sign up for an accommodation?
You can apply for youth housing one year prior to the expected commencement of study and you are, at the earliest, offered accommodation 6 months before the expected commencement of study.

At most, you are allowed to have 1 year between the deadline for applications and the requested occupancy date. If you move your requested occupancy date forward to more than a year from the application date, your application date/registration date will automatically move forward as well, so there is still going to be a maximum of one year between the requested occupancy date and your application date/registration date/seniority date (these three terms all refer to the same date).   


Can I add a fellow applicant to my personal application?
Yes, it is possible to add a fellow applicant. To do so, you will log in to your standard one-person application and click “Tilføj medansøger” (Add fellow applicant) to add information about your fellow applicant. When the application is changed, you have a pair application. Please note that you are now only eligible to apply for two-room apartments or apartment sizes larger than this! 


Does my current housing situation influence placements on the waiting list?
Your current housing situation do not influence, where you are placed on the waiting list. Information about current housing situation is, solely, used for statistical purposes by Studiebolig Aalborg.

How does the waiting list system at Studiebolig Aalborg work??
When you have added your accommodation requests to your application, you have the option of seeing your placement on the waiting list.

You log in – and select the tab “Dine boligønsker” (Accommodation requests). Here you enter the occupancy date, for which you wish to see your placement. In this way, you can enter the occupancy date that you are registered with – but you can also enter another date, if you for instance wish to see the effect a change of the date has on your placement. (If you consequently wish to change your occupancy date permanently, you must change it in the tab “Personlige oplysninger” (Personal information) – Notice that you, on the bottom of the page, are asked to confirm the change – twice!).

The waiting list is dynamic and therefore changes all the time. This also means, that no matter what date you enter, your placements are only applicable for the current day. The following day the situation may be entirely different.

Notice – if you enter a different date, you will see a snapshot of the waiting list and this is not in itself usable.

Your placement on the waiting list depends on, when you have registered your application and not when you have added accommodation requests.

If two applicants apply for the same accommodation – and with the same occupancy date – the applicant, who has registered his/her application first, will have the best placement on the waiting list.

If you have sometimes experienced being moved back on the waiting list, it is because another applicant, who has registered their application BEFORE you – and with the same occupancy date – has requested the same accommodation, as you.

Every time we pass the 1st or 15th of the month, which are the two dates, we rent out accommodations, typically more applicants appear on the waiting list. In other words, this means that applicants who exceed your seniority – and who have requested an occupancy date, later than you – are typically continuously showing up on the waiting list, as we pass the dates, where they have requested occupancy.    

I have answered YES, I ACCEPT to an accommodation offer. What now?
If you are first on the accommodation waiting list, you are guaranteed the apartment. We will prepare a lease contract, charge and other documents, which we will send to you by email – typically, the first working day after the expiry of the deadline.

If you are not first in line for the accommodation, the answers of the preceding applicants determine whether you are offered the apartment. If the apartment is not yours, your application will, once again, become active – ready to receive new accommodation offers.   

What happens, if I do not answer the accommodation offer in time?
If you fail to respond to 4 accommodation offers, your application will be removed from the waiting list.  

I have answered NO, I DECLINE to an accommodation offer. What now?
Your application will be active again the next day, if you decline “NEJ TAK” (I DECLINE)". If you do not wish to get more offers for the same type of accommodation, you must remove the advancement option from your application. You can decline as many accommodtaion offers you want without any consequences for your application.


Can I receive several accommodation offers at once?
No, you can only receive one accommodation offer, at a time.

I have received an accommodation offer as 3rd priority. What does this mean?
It means that the accommodation offer has been sent to several applicants and you have received the offer as 3rd priority. If you accept “YES, I ACCEPT" the accommodation offer, the accommodation will be yours, IF the two other applicants before you (who have been offered the accommodation as respectively 1st and 2nd priority) decline “NO, I DECLINE" – or do not respond. 

Previous accommodation offers are still listed in my application. Why?
The accommodation offers will – after the expiry of the deadline – appear in your application profile, however, this is solely for information purposes regarding the offers that you have previously received, and how you have responded to them. The accommodation offers are not blocking new offers, as long as the deadline is expired. 


Will I be offered an accommodation in time?
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will receive your accommodation request on time, as there are many factors that influence your placement on the waiting list; among other things, the amount of terminations we receive, for the housing type in question, and also how many applicants are on the waiting list in proportion to the time of handing-over the apartment.

If you are not offered accommodation for the requested occupancy date, you will receive an offer as soon as possible, hereafter.

Notice - in this connection, it is not necessary to change the occupancy date – it is automatically moved forward.


What does it mean to reapply?
Reapplication means that you – via a tab on your application profile – must notify that you wish to keep your existing application. The reapplication-selection is, ONLY, visible on your profile, when it is possible to reapply.

You are – as a rule – responsible for updating your application profile and, thus, staying informed about the time a year, when reapplication is needed. However, we send a out a reminder for when it is time to reapply, anyways, so make sure that you have registered the correct email in your application.

The reapplication periods start:

  •          September 1st

as of the abovementioned date, you have until the end of that month to reapply.

NB! You cannot reapply, if you do not have any accommodations requests on your application.

If the reapplication is lacking, applicants are deleted from the waiting list, as it delays our work, when there are too many applicants on our waiting list, who no longer need accommodation. 

In have been moved back on the waiting list after having reapplied. Why?
The reason you have been moved back on the list is not the actual reapplication. Every time we pass the 1st or 15th of the month, which are the two dates we rent out accommodations, typically, more applicants appear on the waiting list. In other words, this means that applicants who exceed your seniority – and who have requested an occupancy date, later than you – are typically continuously showing up on the waiting list, as we pass the dates, where they have requested occupancy.